Friday, August 15, 2008

Our 12th Anniversary

I LOVE THIS MAN!! The longer I know him the more I love him.
Chris and I had an awesome 12th anniversary weekend. We left on Saturday morning for Homer and spent Sunday in Halibut Cove and then took a leisurely drive back home on Monday. So Sweet!!

We had so many things just work out for us this weekend, if they hadn't worked out the way they had this weekend could have been quite frustrating. For example, on our drive to Homer it was P O U R I N G. At one time I couldn't make out where the ruts in the road were because the rain was glaring off of the road so bad. Honestly, staying in the ruts was the only way I knew I was on the road! ...for real chris. :)

When we got to Homer and checked into our hotel room, which was beautiful and right on the beach(we stayed in one of those new condos at the end of the spit in a bottom unit),
we found out that the Danny J was completely booked until Monday night. Aaahh! The whole reason for going to Homer was to go to Halibut Cove. We were told to call Central Charters and see if they had any cancellations in the morning, or if we knew anyone over there we could get a water taxi to take us. We know Jane and Zach Keller but didn't have any phone numbers for them, didn't know if they were even in Halibut cove.... the lady at the info counter said that she heard it was supposed to rain anyway and it isn't much fun to go in the rain. I think she was trying to make us feel better.

So on Sunday morning we woke up to sunshine and warm breezy, tropical like weather. I called anyone I could think of that would have cell numbers for them and finally got ahold of Sarah Coke who said that she thought Jane and Zach might even be over there right now!! I got April's (Zach's sister) number from Sarah and April in turn called Zach to let him know we were in Homer. In the meantime we had walked over to the Danny J office to see if maybe they had a number for the Keller's in there files or something and they told us that they had two spots open up!! Wooo Hoooo! We were so excited!

We jumped right on the boat and enjoyed the ride over to Halibut Cove. The boat took us around Gull Island which is very cool. Completely covered with your heads! It was fun to see it but we picked up a bunch of unwanted passengers while we were there too, flies. The flies stayed with us all the rest of the way to the cove but left as soon as we got of the boat. We had lunch right away at the Sultry. Very unique restaurant with an outdoor fireplace and deck built right into the side of a rock. The food was delish! After we finished with lunch we tried to get ahold the Keller's again and was able to talk with April who said that she told Zach that we were there and gave us directions to their very cool cabin! A million dollar view from up there! Since we were able to hook up with Zach we were able to stay at the cove a few hours more and do some beachcombing. I found a mug handle. Chris found an eagle feather and some cool shells. Have I mentioned how much I love him? We had such great time together, I wished it would last forever...but the tide was coming in and we apparently were on a private beach. Some lady and her dog shooed us away.

Zach brought us back to Homer right about dinner time so we went to "Fat Olives" which was recommended to us by Chris' boss. The food was fantastic, really! I highly recommend the restaurant. The price was right too.

The next beautiful sunny morning we got up and took a walk on the beach and saw some people fishing for flounder, starfish, and lots of boats. It was so relaxing. Definately a weekend I'll remember fondly for years and years. I love you Chris, I'm so glad God put you in my life!

We were able to enjoy this weekend because I have awesome sisters and friends. Marie took on the kids all weekend and then Kim and Sarah C. watched the kiddos on Monday. Thanks so much you guys!!

I am truly lucky to have you!

Hilltop wedding

Another gorgeous day!! We had great weather for the wedding up at the Hilltop ski chalet. The bride and groom wanted to keep the decoration simple for the wedding which worked out great because the wedding was at 2pm and we couldn't get into the site until 10am. Not too much time for set-up. Andrew from Valley Rental Center came and set up the pipe and drape, tables, and dance floor. My staff threw on the linens which were a sage green with a silver organza on top to lighten the green just a bit more. The centerpieces were fun to make. We used ti-leaf as the base and filled it in with freesia, grasses, eucalyptus, calla's, and set the whole thing on a large gold charger. The bit of gold that showed under the centerpiece brought out the gold writing on the favor boxes. We also used grass as out napkin rings and it really "tied" it all together. :) Thank you to Mom, Grandma, Sarah, and Johanna for all of your help with that!! Time always goes by faster when you can "work' with friends.

The wedding ceremony was outdoors on the flat lawn-ish type area and an outdoor cocktail hour followed with Troubadoura as our entertainment. After the wedding party was finished with their pictures all the guests came inside for the reception and dancing. Later that night while everyone was dancing we had a thunderstorm outside, rain, wind, etc. Then the weather calmed down, the sun came out and everyone went outside again for a nice warm evening in the sun, the d.j. even provided bubbles. Perfect!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

The plight of a father

Hey there this is Chris. Thought you parents out there could relate to this little story.

Toward the end of Gunner and Tucker's baseball season things started to get very busy for our family. With weddings, work, the baseball schedule and rain outs/ reschedules etc we..... well we forgot Gunner's last game. I know we're terrible parents- Gunner would agree with you. I apologized more than necessary, and he was just about ready to forgive me when at Tucker's last game Tucker was presented a trophy. That was it; Gunner didn't get a trophy because I forgot to get him to his last game, and it was all MY fault. F.Y.I. in this family the kids ALWAYS think it's my fault. I could have nothing to do with the situation; but Mom's never wrong..... I'm OK with that I'm just saying. Anyhow, Gunner would occasionally ask me when I was going to get his trophy for him, so finally in the middle of a work day I jumped on the computer and ordered him a trophy then took my lunch to pick it up. I was pretty excited to present it to him when I returned home.

Upon arrival Calvin snuck a peak at the trophy and got very ecstatic that Dad had a trophy. I didn't put it together and proceeded to tell Gunner and Tucker to put the Wii remotes down. I built up the suspension as much as I could until the kids were jumping up and down on the couch. And when I finally presented the trophy to GUNNER!!!!!!! Calvin looked like he had just been hit in the gut. Tears we're rolling down out of those big brown eyes and he couldn't believe that Tucker and Gunner had a trophy and well...... Dad didn't get him one. Gunner was happy for about a second. He set his trophy down (must of forgot the hug and thanks) and picked up the Wii remote again. Calvin must have asked me 30 times that night if I could go get him a trophy. Hummm.... THAT WAS WORTH IT!

Two days later I ordered a "Calvin #1 Fan" trophy. I presented it to him and he was overjoyed. Not less than 5 minutes after giving him his trophy he broke it. I'm talking supper glue mega broken. I'm tearing my junk drawers apart looking for glue, finally find some, glue and hold, hold, hold, MAN IT TAKES A LONG TIME FOR SUPER GLUE TO DRY WHEN IT'S CAKED ON! Finally it's fixed but I don't let Calvin play with it. He's not happy, I grab Tuckers Trophy put it by Calvin's and ask where Gunner's is; he lost it.

If you have Itunes download the following:
Can't get it right today
By-Joe Purdy
Album-You can't tell Geogia

It's a good song but makes this story better.

UPDATE: I received this email today. You've got to be kidding me!

Hello everyone, I know T-ball is long over, so who's ready to party?!

I spoke with Melissa and she is willing to let us all meet up at her shop, Tundra Trophy, so we can hand out trophies to all the kids. I know it's sort of short notice, but we were thinking Tuesday evening, Aug 12, at 6pm.

Tundra Trophy is located off of Lucille, left on Swanson, 2nd building on the left. 124th Swanson Ave. There is a sign on the road and the entrance is to the back/side of the building, there are arrows to show the way.

Melissa has also offered to make cupcakes for everyone! Thanks Melissa!

Please reply to this e-mail as soon as you can so we can get a head count. I hope this will work for everyone,

Jennifer & Mike Dawkins