Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Jawa's

This year for Halloween I made up some Jawa costumes for the kid's. Yes, I went a little bit overboard but it was really so much fun to make them!
I started with the robes which are made from Monk's cloth that you can buy at any Fabric store. I got 8yards for the 3 robes. (Rae Rae is wearing Anakin's robe from Tuckers costume last year). Dying them the dk brown color was the longest part of the whole process. Luckily all the dye came out of the tub!

Then I made the ammo belts which are cut from a roll of burlap type material for tow straps I think. I spray painted them black and sewed on a peice of elastic and stuck in little cardboard boxes (spray painted black) and bullets. :) Chris let us borrow some perfect size rifle bullets for the evening. The ion blaster guns are funnels (walmart $1/each) with cardboard wrapped around the skinny end, taped up for handles, then spray painted black. The masks are basic black eye masks with led lights attached to the front right under their eyes. I bought the led lights from ebay for $2/set. Attach a 9volt battery and viola! Glowing eyes!
I painted the parts of their faces that still showed black to finish it off. It was really a fun, suprisingly easy project to do.
The kids had so much fun trick or treating and what an awesome day it was for it. It wasn't snowing or super cold. Good times, great memories!!