Tuesday, September 15, 2009

pig races

The kids look forward to the fair every year. This year we tried out the scarecrow contest and the boys teamed up with the Coke boys. Being pretty competitive by nature I have to admit that it was sooooo hard not to jump in there and completely take over their project. But they did a great job. They were the proud creators of "Big head scarecrow".

The kids also went to watch their first pig race. They each took a moment to check out the quality of the racers before choosing the one they would root for.

It is quite obvious who Tucker chose to root for. Gunner and Calvin's choice was behind the front runner #2.

Tucker: "Come on #2!, oh man, is he faltering?"
Gunner: "Oh, here is your chance little pig...#2 is stumbling..."

Tucker: "Oh Man!!! He fell! Shoot!"
Gunner: "Oh yeah, #2 is out of the game, go fast little one!"

Tucker: (maybe my bro's didn't see that I was rooting for #2)
Gunner: "Oh! so close! My little pig got second. That darn #5 pig won"

Tucker: "I really was rooting for #5 you know...I was just saying #2 because...I felt sorry for #2 you know..#5 was my first pick for real"
Gunner: "Tucker's pig won..."

Tucker: "Yea, see I had this connection with #5 from the first...."
Gunner: "wait, huh?.."

Gunner: (Wait a minute, that doesn't make sense, I heard him voting for #2...right?)
Tucker: (Cause a diversion before questioning) "Hey, what's over this way?"

Good times!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Perfect Picture

Wow! This one is going on the wall.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Fox Island

Chris and I recently got to go to Fox Island with Kenai Fjord Tours for the weekend. This is such a cool place! You catch a boat from Seward which takes you to the island for a salmon bake lunch, we splurged and paid an extra $15 for a pound of fresh King Crab. Yum! After the lunch was over the rest of the tour group gets back on the boat for a glacier cruise. We stayed on the island with 3 other couples as overnight guests. We all had our own private cabins and shared a common "meal" cabin. Chef Chris was amazing. He prepared all kinds of goodies for us.

There was no cell phone service (except for near a cave on the far side of the island), no computers, no kids, just mind settling silence. Aaaaaaah! Everyone needs to do something like this now and then. It is good for the soul to be out in God's beautiful creation and without any interuptions.
It was raining while we were there but we still enjoyed our strolls along the beach, skipping rocks, and our deep conversations with the Coke's. Yes, our good friends Sarah and Jeremy Coke came with us. They tried their best to skip out but we made them come. :)Here is Chris and Jeremy discussing the big sheep he shot this weekend.And here is Chris losing to Sarah in Poker....again.
Here is Chris skipping rocks..
Oops! I think he accidentally skipped Sarah...Sorry Jeremy!
No worries! She washed back up again. (we had a lot of free time on the island) :)