Friday, May 22, 2009

Big brothers bushy buckets a bust but bunko babes bailout boys business!

Sorry about not updating this earlier; we've been crazy busy buying a new house and trying to find a renter for our current home. The boy's business wasn't as profitable as we expected. As their official managers we must take some of the blame. We failed to account for loss (plants that didn't grow). We also had grandiose visions of people stopping by to buy up every rose we had available. That didn't happen.... but we didn't exactly give it a all we had. We stayed at our "HOT SPOT" for about an hour. After Calvin had to go to the bathroom, Raegan emptied out my wallet and spread my Credit Cards all over, Gunner and Tucker getting tired of holding the signs we bagged it. But not all was lost; the kids did make a little spending money (well..... if we return the 10 that didn't grow, Dad purchases 3 for his lovely wife, Dad covers the cost of "misquoting" someone for two roses, and we don't include the cost of heating the garage to 70 degrees through a month of winter) the kids made some money....if we fudge the numbers correctly (can anyone say Enron). Tucker was very concerned about the bottom line; he even starting to tear up when we left after being skunked on the side of the road. He didn't want to "owe" Mom and Dad. Gunner and Calvin were much less concerned about the bottom line; they couldn't wait to get home. We owe a ton of thanks to the Bunko clan, they definitely bailed us out. Not sure if we'll do it again next year... if we do it will be for a project and not a business.