Sunday, December 30, 2012


Today I learned that life is too short to let life get in the way.  From now on I will work less and play more. I will smile more and let by gones be by gones. I'll  keep in touch as often as I should and I won't MAKE time for friends I'll TAKE time for friends. When I was 20 I looked ahead of things to come- now at 40 I look behind at things that are gone. I don't like it- not one bit. I love life I wish I could hit the pause button but there isn't one. I have a top 10 most influential people in my life... sounds weird I know- I honestly hope there's been so much time between this post an the last no one even checks this page. But 2 of those 10 have passed away this year and I absolutely hate it. This talk of heaven and a better place with no pain, sickness or sadness I understand- in my head; my heart....maybe not so much.