Monday, November 24, 2008


We just got back from a great trip to sunny southern California. Thank you so much Grammy, we had a great time! We visited SeaWorld on the first day and the kids got to see the whales, sting rays, dolphins, and other cool sea creatures. We also enjoyed the other fun activities they had there including the "Journey to Atlantis" which was a water slide type ride. We all got a little wet on that one much to the enjoyment of the boys!

The next day we spent in DisneyLand. We explored decided to focus on one half of the park on the first day (we had a three day park hopper pass) so we didn't feel quite so overwhelmed. Tucker and Gunner were chosen to be trained as Jedi Padowans (sp?). I was so relieved that they were two of the many kids they picked out of the crowd because they had been looking forward to that part of Disney so much. For the final test Gunner fought Darth Vader, and Tucker fought Darth Mal. So we now have two certified Jedi padowan's in our house!
The next day we went to Laguna beach. There was a cool mist that covered everything for the first hour or so and then it finally lifted so we could actually see where we were. The mist made for some neat pictures. Gunner definately had the most fun playing in the waves.

After the day at the beach it was back to DisneyLand for day two! We spent the second day at the DisneyLand California Adventure park. Raegan and Calvin especially liked Bug's land. Gunner really liked the Scream roller coaster ride, I think that is what it was called. Tucker liked the more laid back rides better. We sure had a great time being able to see how much fun the kids were having. The day at the California Adventure park ended with the coolest parade. We all then headed back to DisneyLand for the lightshow that would be going on. Annette really wanted for us all to see it and I am so glad that we did. The show was so incredible. They used a fine mist of water as the projector screen and also had fireworks and real props and crazy stuff. It was so cool. We were all so captivated that we didn't take any pictures!
Disney was getting ready for Christmas when we were there so all the streets and rides were lavishly decorated. So pretty!

The next day we went back to Disney land and checked out all we hadn't seen yet. Just a lot of fun and such a great time away from the routine as a family.

RaeRae warning the birdie to watch out!

Raegan made all sorts of new friends on our trip to California; Mickey, Minnie and others, but the cutest was her friendship with a Seagull. Watch closely and you'll see her point at the incoming wave as a warning to her new friend. We'll post more about our trip later, but wanted to get this one up right away.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Moose Calls

Listen to my kids' moose calls. I'm one proud papa.

Snow came early this year and the kids wasted no time getting out and enjoying it. Snow angels came first, then sledding.

A fresh coating of snow makes everything look so beautiful.

Tucker looks so grown up in this picture doesn't he?

3d Movie

Kids' first 3D movie.

My Wife Needs Help

I have a lovely wife........but she needs help. If anyone knows of a program called CA (Crafters Anonymous) could you send the info. to me. Look at her wreath party invitations. Each brown pine from the pine cones were cut off and individually trimmed to shape and glued down. Then she picked sunflower seeds out of our bird seed and individually glued them in place. After that she laid a layer other, much smaller, seeds inside the wreath and finished it off with a bow made of grass. As if taking care of 4 kids (5 with me), homeschooling, and running her business wasn't enough she does this. She needs help- Please pray for her. :)