Saturday, December 5, 2009

Fire in the Sky

Awsome sunrise this morning! Photo's never capture the depth and hues of a sunrise like this.

Coke and Turkey do mix

We had the Coke family over for Thanksgiving. Karla and I made the mistake of telling the boys they'd be here at 10:30, but they didn't arrive until 10:42... I know this because every time the clock ticked another minute I had 3 boys reminding me that they were late. :) We had all the fixn's and then some. Jeremy and I stacked some plywood on our table so we could all fit at one table- something that was important to me. I wanted to get a few pictures of all of us at the table, but the camera battery died after one. As you can see we had to do some old fashion Alaska improvising with seating. A fish cooler and booster seats work well in a pinch. The winner in the "I'm going to eat until it hurts so good" contest was Sarah. She went back for more at least 3 times.... and then layed down on the couch with a stomach ache.

We then had the "traditional" dance off. Yea don't ask; it was a joke said to all the kids a few weeks back; they took it literal and... a tradition begins. What I didn't expect was the absolute enthusiasm in which Jeremy took to the contest. His spot on Michael Jackson moves were quite impressive and a bit embarrassing for the audience, but we are beginning to expect the unexpected with the Cokes.

After that we put on Ice Age 2 (or was it 3?) for the kids as us adults retreated to the big room for ping pong and....whatever the ladies talked about. Despite the hellacious serves by Jeremy, I'm still undefeated in this house.

After ping pong we played "Scene it Seinfeld". Karla and I won, a point that I'm pretty sure still bothers Jeremy and Sarah. 11:00 came fast, the day flew by, and I had to get to bed to go to work the next day. I must say it was one of the best Thanksgiving we've had in Alaska- thanks Coke family.