Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

We had a great time with the Fleckenstein's over Memorial Day weekend. We went camping on the Little Su. The first day it rained almost the whole time. It started to clear up in the evening and then the next day was so beautiful, sunny, no bugs. Awesome. Marie and Matthew came with us and we got to know another family that was there as well, the Dassow's. Both the Fleckensteins and the Dassow's had kids that were the boy's same age so the kids had a really good time playing on the beach and jumping in the waves from the passing boats.

Gunner was Capt. Dan's little sidekick. "Hey, Dan, what are you doing?", "Dan, are you going on the boat?", "Dan, when are you going for a ride", "Hey, Dan, can I touch the boat?", "Dan are you eating?" Sorry if Gunner was a bit obnoxious Dan, but Gunner just loves you!

Diversified Tire vs. Visalus Sciences

We had a fun time watching baseball Thursday night. We got to visit with the Coke's as Tucker played against Josiah. Chris (first base coach) was listening to Tucker and Josiah's conversation at first base and said that Tucker ran up to first base, saw Josiah and said "Oh, Hi Josiah. I hope your team wins...or we could tie!" haha!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

DeLong #3

Tucker and Gunner had their first baseball games yesterday. So cute! Gunner's team plays teeball and Tucker plays regular baseball but the pitches come from the coaches. It was so fun to see them play and interact with the other kids. Marie and Mathew came to watch too which I was so thankful for because it was freezing and they brought blankets. Something I didn't even think about. Chris was first base coach for Tucker's team so he was either waving the little guys onto second or telling them to stay on first. I stayed pretty busy trying to take pictures and keep an eye on Raegan and Calvin. It is kind of like trying to keep a bunch of marbles together on a flat surface, when one starts to roll away and you chase after it that is when all the others start to slowly roll in different directions. Come back here!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Bianca's Graduation

I just returned from 4 days out in Pedro Bay. I love that place! Not only does Pedro Bay have gorgeous scenery of mountains and crystal clear lakes, but I love the people there. I am particularly partial to the Jensens (the Becca and Keith clan). They are a solid, loving family and always ready to help others. Their faith in Jesus Christ is clearly evident in their actions. Bianca had her graduation on Monday and I flew in on Saturday to help decorate for it. Bianca has come out to Wasilla several times to help me with my summer weddings and has always been such a huge help and relief to me. I was so glad to be able to come and help set up for her graduation.

I have had some people comment that they would like for me to post about my events and the details so here we go. We brought in this roll of white plastic that looks alot like fabric and hung it from the center of the ceiling and draped it to the sides. It gave a tent like feel to the room and blocked the basketball hoops and other gym stuff. Then we hung paper lanterns of different sizes and different heights from the ceiling too. Each lantern had individual battery operated lights in them. We also draped a burgandy fabric from the sides and strung up some more paper lantern lights. For the center flowers we used curly willow and attached magenta colored dendrobium orchids to make "flowering trees".
Becca worked for days, literally, on the food. Which was so tasty!! We had three punches, coffee, tea, pot stickers, shrimp dumplings, crackers and cheese, salmon mousse bruchetta's, seafood dip and crackers, fruit, vegetables, and my favorites- chocolate covered strawberries, and blueberry desserts. Oh, and we did have some gorgeous cakes that were locally made in Illiamna.
After the graduation was over the village decided to make use of the decorations, which looked awesome when the gym lights were turned off, and have a dance. Several kids and adults came and joined in the fun. My only regret.....No ABBA!?! DUDE!! :) Good times.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Yesterday when Chris got home from work the boys wanted to play catch. He loves doing this and I love watching them play catch. It is like a great springtime kodak kind of moment. Mom is inside getting dinner ready, Tucker and Daddy are outside playing catch in the front yard, Gunner and Calvin are tuning up the big wheel bike, and Rae rae is sampling some of the dogs food on the porch. Good times!