Monday, July 27, 2009

Dipnetting in Kenai

We went dipnetting on the Kenai a couple of weekends ago and were very lucky to have our wonderful friends, the Coke's, join us for the weekend! The kids had so much fun getting up close and personal with the fish guts on the beach.
Chris and Jeremy got 34 fish in one day! Here they are all cleaned, filleted, and vacuum packed. Salmon tonight!


Over 4th of July weekend we got to camping in Clear, AK. Mom and Dad have some property out there and we all camped on it. It was sooooooo hot! In the upper 80's which is hot for us. We had so much fun 4-wheeling all over the place. Trails everywhere! It was so nice for our family to get away from the moving, packing, unpacking, work, etc. and spend some quality time together. Thanks Mom and Dad for letting us come with you!

July 2009

I can't believe we are at the end of July already! Summer goes by way to fast. The boys finished up baseball. They were on a really good team this year and Mom and Dad were very proud of their skills on the field. You can really see the difference in their personalities during a game. Tucker is all seriousness. He wants to make sure everyone is playing fair. He happens to be a really good hitter too. I like it when, before he steps inside the batters box, he points at his teamates who are on base and tells them that when he hits the ball to run home. It is not "if" he hits the ball, it is "when" he hits the ball. Ha!
Gunner definately takes time to smell the roses, or grass, in the outfield..and practice his dance moves now and then. But when he got to play 3rd base, he was all about stopping those grounders. This was his first year not playing T-ball and he did great. Should have heard his mom and dad whooping it up when he would hit the ball at his turn up to bat!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Show me your roses!

I wanted to see pictures from all of you who bought roses from Big Brothers Bushy Buckets last spring. Can you send me some or post them on your blog? Here are some pictures from ones that were left over.

Our new amazing home!

Nope, we didn't die or fall off the face of the earth. :) Weddings and the move have kept us pretty occupied. But at the moment I find myself with a little free time to post some images of our new home. So, without further ado, may I present our house!

The Living room
The view from the living room.The kitchen, I love the double ovens and the tile!The hallway from the front door to the kitchen area.The patio/rose garden. :)The stairway to upstairs. Notice the area above the closet- this is where Chris "thinks" he is placing his grizzly mount.Top of the stairs, looking into the master bedroom.View of master bedroom. Doors go to deck.Short hallway to master bath. Two walk in closets for him and her.My bath. Suppose I should get some kind of privacy curtain for the window?Master bedroom deck.Bonus room/school room/playroom/craft room/major selling point for us.Patio area. Overlooks our small lake/big pond.And as an extra bonus, right acrossed the street from our house is access to fingerlake. There is a dock and a great shallow area for the kids to play in. I am thinking we need to invest in inner tubes soon!
So there you have a small glimpse of our new home, now you'll have to come see it in person!